A speaking event they talk about for months

Ready to energize your next corporate event? Ready to learn, grow, and oh, have some fun doing it?

If you hire a speaker, you’ll get a speech. If you would like to grow, connect, learn, and have fun, engage the services of a presenter who interacts with the audience, and has the audience interact with each other.


Because playing life sure beats listening to someone else tell you about playing their life.

From Fortune 50 companies to EO, YPO, TED, and Vistage groups, John Hittler has delighted audiences and kept them learning for months after the meeting.

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Genius Talent Day.

If uncovering your Genius Talent makes sense, doesn’t it make even more sense to do the same for every member of your organization or team?

We call this a Genius Talent Day.

With a group of coaches onsite, we lead every member of your organization in uncovering their own Genius Talent and then share it with the entire organization. You’ll discover all kinds of unleashed power trapped in the organization — often hidden behind roles, or job descriptions. A simple example: What if next year’s holiday party were organized and run by the one person in the organization who naturally entertains, plays, and brings people together, rather than by HR or the CEO’s Admin?

Your team will love the results, and thank you for not making them do trust falls or a ropes’ course again this year.

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