How do you choose or differentiate between coaches?

Here’s our suggestion: Find a coach who has done what you would like to!

Have they scaled an organization?

Have they raised capital, either bootstrapped or venture backed?

Have they tapped a line of credit tied to their personal residence to make payroll?

Riaz A. Karamali
Partner | Plllsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Laura Palazzolo
Dean of Lincoln Law School | San Jose

Above are some examples of what our clients say.

If your coach is promoting their education, or their certifications from various coaching organizations, chances are they are lying to you about what they can accomplish. How the heck can they possibly know what you are going through if they have not built an organization or team before? Coaching tends to rely on weekend ‘cereal box’ certifications, heavy doses of psychology, and even unverifiable practices like ‘mindfulness’. If you could succeed using those, you already would have. They are not bad tools, just hard to measure.

Instead, hire coaches who have done what you want to (namely, grow, scale, and perhaps sell your business) and know how to coach. Have you ever met a professional football or soccer coach who “studied” the sport, rather than played it? Coaching CEO’s and leaders works the same way.

Hire a coach who has scaled businesses. Hire a coach with a guarantee of results. Hire a coach with an agreed upon return on investment. Hire a coach who has both succeeded and failed as a CEO.

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