What is your Superpower?

Professionally Facilitated 1:1 Genius Talent Discovery

You will engage a trained coach to take you through the process one on one, rather than with a group. The financial investment is higher, but this method also takes the least amount of time: one two-hour video call. If your time is valuable, or you simply want more privacy, this option is by far the most efficient. You’ll get the highest quality statement, with the least time invested. Click here to schedule.

Online Genius Talent Discovery (In a “Commando Squad”) – New!

Looking to discover your Genius Talent and you would like to do so in a community, or for free? We call that three person learning group a “Commando Squad”, and you will work with 2 learning partners to uncover each of the three players’ genius talents.

Why do you have to work with others?

Pretty simple. We tried (and tried and tried) to create a process that had human beings see past their blind spots, which is necessary to find your genius talent. Since that is not possible, the Commando Squad does this for you. Your learning partners (preferably assigned, rather than your BFFs) see patterns and themes, rather than making assumptions. Since they do not know you or your talent, they simply report what they see, acting like a mirror for you…to see past your own blind spots or biases.

The process is fun, intuitive and takes 4 – 2 hour video conference calls. It’s also free, with a copy of One In A Billion: Finding Your Genius Talent.Visit One In A Billion to register and find your genius talent.

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Genius Talent Day At Your Company or Team

If uncovering your Genius Talent makes sense, doesn’t it make even more sense to do the same for every member of your organization or team?

We call this a Genius Talent Day.

With a group of coaches onsite, we lead every member of your organization in uncovering their own Genius Talent and then share it with the entire organization. You’ll discover all kinds of unleashed power trapped in the organization often hidden behind roles, or job descriptions. A simple example: What if next year’s holiday party were organized and run by the one person in the organization who naturally entertains, plays, and brings people together, rather than by HR or the CEO’s Admin?

Your team will love the results, and thank you for not making them do trust falls or a ropes’ course again this year.

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