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What Do You Have To Give Up To Move On? – Published in on Mar 9, 2021

Do you carry a portable keyboard or a battery operated coffee grounder when you’re backpacking?

If not, then what else might you be carrying that prevents you from moving more fluidly towards what matters most?

Could Your Company Culture Pass the ‘Hire Your Replacement’ Test? – Published in on Feb 16, 2021

Could you imagine a system where outgoing employees hire their own replacement?

Think about it for a second. Who better to know the role, the team, the dynamics….and hire someone who would excel? Could you company culture allow this counter-intuitive practice?

The Ultimate Glass Cliff: Is The Diversity and Inclusion Director Role a Trap? – Published in on Jan 19, 2021

Many companies are scurrying to locate and fill key leadership positions. Of course, the first key hire in jumpstarting this process is the hiring of a director of diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Given its strategic importance, this director role becomes akin to a spot in the C-suite. But might this become a huge trap, much like a “glass cliff”?

The Second Most Powerful Energy Affecting Your Team – Published in on Dec 28, 2020

Pop quiz: What is the single most powerful energy most humans engage every single day?

Consider this: do you still not talk to a former friend because you lent them money and they stiffed you?

Do You Utilize A Trigger Word or Phrase? – Published in on Dec 7, 2020

Given that every member of your team differs, do you engage “trigger” words with the individuals and teams you lead?

A trigger word is defined as “a word that initiates a process or course of action.”

Who Needs To Go? – Published in on Nov 12, 2020

All of us wish we had five people who we could call “besties.” In reality, most of us have one best friend — two, if we are really lucky.

As much as that makes great sense, what happens if you rank those same five? Is there a big difference between #1 and #5?

Forget Creating Your Culture –Look At Structure Instead – Published in on Oct 22, 2020

Does your culture hold up under pressure?

Funny how many companies compete for the “best company culture” award, which takes lots of time, money, focus and energy to achieve. The real test occurs when the company is not at its best or a big challenge occurs, like a pandemic.

Are You Stifling Leadership With Too Many Cultural Values? – Published in on Oct 1, 2020

If you held a ‘cage match’ between two of your highest held cultural values, which one would win out?

Truth is, this cultural battle takes place every single day, stifling leadership decisions between competing values. Question is, could you live with fewer, perhaps even only ONE value?

Is Your Team Confusing Catalysts And Outcomes? – Published in on Sep 10, 2020

I coached a 30-person team recently that has kept struggling with two key cultural attributes that they hold in high regard but have had difficulty living on a day-to-day basis: trust and happiness. Both are a big part of their cultural platform.

Well, how could such highly regarded values become so problematic? Amazingly, this scenario plays itself out in teams every single day.

Heads You Win; Tails You Don’t Lose – Published in on August 20, 2020

So your team is contemplating a big acquisition that would grow your headcount by 50%, or perhaps an investment in a dynamic marketing initiative designed to double sales.

How do you pull the trigger with such a big outcome — and a big price tag — on the line? When do you know it’s the right move to make or a colossal mistake to avoid?

When It Comes To Diversity, Watch What CEOs Do, Not What They Say – Published in on July 29, 2020

We read about it almost every day — that a diverse workplace environment improves performance.

This phenomenon exists as a relatively recent development, as “diversity and inclusion” only came about as a term after WWII when then President Truman required the integration of the armed forces. Truman was roundly criticized for his decision, now considered bold and morally courageous.

Full-Priced or Fully Gifted – Published in on July 8, 2020

When you give a gift — to your child, to a friend or to your spouse — how does that make you and them feel?

Well, if the gift really is given freely, you feel as great giving it as they do receiving it, regardless of the monetary value. We know this from receiving the world’s most useless coffee mug, designed, painted and fired in a kiln by your third grader on one of their field trips.

Five Key Questions To Simplify Finding Your Genius Talent – Published in on June 17, 2020

Having developed a trademarked methodology for finding your “genius talent,” it seemed a good idea to share the five most frequently asked questions to 1) help you find yours and 2) prevent you from wasting time and effort on actions that will not help.

If you’re game, let’s spin the big wheel. Big prizes for answering questions correctly.

Brilliant Team Math: Addition By Subtraction – Published in on May 28, 2020

Seems like budget cuts, staffing cuts and revenue cuts are all the rage these days. Perhaps more than ever, you and your team will be required to do more with less — much less of everything.

At some point, that equation falls apart, but there exists an intersection of resourcefulness and

The Four Mistakes Keeping You From Your Genius Talent – Published in on May 4, 2020

No one disputes the idea that we should all discover our super high-level talent, embrace it and then use it to enjoy life more, make more money and contribute in greater fashion to society.

That’s a bit like saying, “We should all work smarter, not harder.” No one exists in the opposing camp.

Are You A Chief Executive Everything?   – Published in on Apr 16, 2020

The overworked, bleary-eyed CEO client recently explained why she was so exhausted in her coaching session. She was tempted to cancel due to “too many pressing projects.” That seemed suspicious, as she employs a CTO, COO, head of people, CMO and VP of sales.

So why the exhaustion?

Here were the immediate culprits:

Are You In Charge Or In Control?   – Published in on Mar 31, 2020

Your kids are fighting over the controls for the video game — again! As any parent with more than one child can attest, you have a couple of options: Play referee, or allow the kids to work things out for themselves.

In theory, this second option is usually espoused by most parents…until the disagreement becomes so ridiculous that you default to option #1 — and impose full-force parental law.

Do you Quit Well?   – Published in on Mar 17, 2020

“Is this where you quit?” screamed, at high volume, my coach in high school. “Don’t quit on me! Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

This was all part of the “death run” — an annual completion of the two weeks of pre-season conditioning for football season.

Are You Transferring or Transforming Your Emotions?   – Published in on Mar 5, 2020

We all deal with money and financial transactions, and money represents the second most powerful energy for most people. The first? We’ll get to that in a moment.

On your team, do you ever notice that enthusiasm becomes contagious and lifts the mood and the enjoyment at work?

Does Your Culture Encourage Dissent?   – Published in on Feb 19, 2020

It continues to amaze me how many companies expound on their “diversity of thought” and the fact that they can “disagree without being disagreeable.” Is it just me, or do those ideas belong in a greeting card?

Why Your Life Should Become Deliriously Incongruent   – Published in on Feb 5, 2020

Raise your hand if your work-life balance is at equilibrium. You might not be quite sure what that means, but I picture those scales that hold equally weighted objects, and one side is either slightly higher, lower or just the same as the other.

Accountability And Genius: How They Are Connected To Save You Effort and Time   – Published in on Jan 21, 2020

Do you know your genius talent? And are you generally accountable for what you say and do?

If you scored well on this quick quiz, life is probably pretty rich — and simple too!

The Simple, Powerful Method To Find Your ‘Why’   – Published in on Jan 7, 2020

You cannot swing a dead cat these days without hitting another company or person professing the need to connect with their “why.” The reasons to work from a strong sense of purpose are pretty obvious, yet so many people struggle to identify the true essence of their life’s purpose.

Until now.

Transform Your Productivity With This Simple Idea   – Published in on Dec 20, 2019

“You may as well be great today, because you’re going to put the time in regardless!”

This idea applies to productivity, passion and making a difference in everything you do — the way you work, parent, partner or exercise. Why not thrive?

How To Devolop One Core Value and Foster Growth On Your Team   – Published in on Dec 5, 2019

Many teams work based on a mission, vision and values.

Insert a big yawn here. Why? Because though their exercise is well intended, I’ve found through my time as a business coach that most teams tend to end up with cookie-cutter values that don’t drive the growth or development needed to succeed.

Putting Frustration to Work To Uncover Your True Core Values   – Published in on Nov 22, 2019

Quick, quick — two-question pop quiz: What are the three highest personal core values you run your life by? Now name the top three cultural mandates (or values) in your company.

Can you name both without hesitation?

Do You Really Need Work-Life Balance?   – Published in on Nov 7, 2019

Many people today feel as if they need to cultivate and perfect work-life balance. Is there really such a thing? More importantly, even if there is, do you really need it?

Assuming that you work way too much, and that it negatively impacts your relationships, your health and your hobbies, then yes, reigning in your work schedule seems an appropriate and healthy move.

Two Powerful Moves To Develop A Culture of Feedback   – Published in on Oct 25, 2019

More and more company cultures are moving toward increased feedback loops. This seems to have almost all upside, but the complaint I receive from many team members is that the feedback is limited or inconsistent.

At annual review periods, there is plenty of feedback. Other times?

How To Avoid Spending All of Your Time In Meetings   – Published in on Oct 10, 2019

If you checked last week’s calendar, how many hours were you in meetings?

For many of us, that number is in the double digits. Even worse, the enormous amount of time spent in meetings does not always provide a robust payoff in terms of great outcomes or progress.