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CEO Coaching

Whether you are the CEO of your team, or the entire organization, nothing provides faster and more profitable results than focused, 1:1 transformational business coaching. Twice monthly, 90 minutes on a video call, with a dedicated, calendared time slot, you will make progress in designed, evolutionary steps forward. Every step constitutes a “small bet” — an activity that is achievable quickly, and for little or no money, such that you can validate ideas and practices before investing heavily.

Every step also holds two key features: the step will be both safer and more attractive (read more profitable, more fun, or both) than what you are doing currently. We’ll design those steps together, and you employ them between calls. Rinse and repeat over several months, and your transformation occurs quickly and much easier than making wholesale changes. No radical shifts, but evolutionary–measured, designed, and tested.

No motivation (because it does not work well). No psychology (because your obligations occur regardless of your emotional state). No gimmicks or tricks. Just results.

Instead, you will shift, change, design, redesign, or completely transform the aspects of your life that no longer hold passion, energy, money, or health…..into activities that you would do all day, every day!

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Genius Talent Discovery Process

What if you held a genius level talent in your DNA? If that were the case, and we put $1M cash in front of you–yours if you simply tell us your specific talent, the step-by-step process you have developed over your lifetime to use that talent, and your life purpose that fuels it, could you claim the cash?

If not, why not invest 2.5 hours in a 1:1 Genius Talent Discovery Process with a trained coach? It’s a fun, intuitive conversation (not an online assessment), and you’ll uncover (it’s there, you just cannot see it yet) your Genius Talent.

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Genius Talent Day

Genius Talent Day At Your Company or Team

If uncovering your Genius Talent makes sense, doesn’t it make even more sense to do the same for every member of your organization or team?

We call this a Genius Talent Day.

With a group of coaches onsite, we lead every member of your organization in uncovering their own Genius Talent and then they share it with the entire organization. You’ll discover all kinds of unleashed power trapped in the organization — often hidden behind roles, or job descriptions. A simple example: What if next year’s holiday party were organized and run by the one person in the organization who naturally entertains, plays, and brings people together, rather than by the CEO’s Admin?

Your team will love the results, and thank you for not making them do trust falls or a ropes’ course again this year.

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C-Suite and Board Team Coaching

Your team may be on top…or it might struggle some. Either way, do you have the appetite to get better? Much better?

Top performing teams never stop exploring ways to get better, learning, and growing, even when they are already on top — especially when they are on top.

Team transformational coaching takes your team from exactly where they stand today — to the level you would like to play and perform each and every day. In doing so, your team will release its untapped genius, play in arenas for which you hold a unique advantage, and shift the culture to one where work becomes play…every day.

All progress starts with the truth. What’s the truth about your team, your C-Suite, or your Board?

People are smart. They follow when it feels safe to do so, moreso when it feels fun, and even more when it feels safe, fun, and challenging.

Nothing nurtures these feelings of full engagement more than an aligned, focused, and intuitive leadership team. Conversely, nothing derails a team’s performance and success than a leadership team that is not truly aligned, partnering, and committed to the success of the enterprise…and the individuals supporting it.

C-Suite and Board Coaching centers, simplifies, and aligns your highest messages with your actions. In doing so, the entire organization follows the leaders by choice, rather than by mandate.

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