One In A Billion: Finding Your Genius Talent (April, 2020)

Finally, the trademarked “recipe” and a step-by-step guide to uncover your own Genius Talent. For years, we held that since you needed a (trained or supervised) partner to uncover your genius talent, that we could publish the formula, and it would do no good. Now, the book shows the entire framework, and simply guides you through the process with partners (who are required).

Consider it this way. If you did not know your genius talent prior to starting, completed the process exceedingly well by yourself, but of course, did not really know what you were looking for at the beginning, how would you confirm that what you found was accurate?

That’s why we never shared the process. Now, you work with 2 learning partners, using the book as a guide, and help each other to uncover each of the three “Commando Squad” partners’ individual genius talents. Find the book at, or go to One In A Billion, to enter the learning portal online.

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The Motivation Trap: Leadership Strategies to Achieve Sustained Success (Oct, 2018)

From Amazon: Move away from the motivation mindset

CEOs and team leaders from Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed start-ups often complain that they have trouble keeping their teams motivated. But what if it’s actually not the job of the leaders to motivate their teams? What if team members were responsible for motivating themselves and for bringing their own professional, positive, helpful, best selves to work each day? What might change in companies if teams lived up to this expectation?

In The Motivation Trap, John Hittler draws on the wisdom he has acquired from years of coaching individuals, teams, and organizations and proposes a more effective way to lead. He unwraps the energetic underpinnings of motivation, explains why it holds big limitations, and points out where and when to employ it as an effective tool in coaching management teams. He walks readers through additional tools and suggests how and when to use them to create high-achieving teams who find enjoyment in their work and are ready to take initiative and work more autonomously. His simple, easy-to-use tools will bring team members together so they can accomplish highly leveraged success. With the wisdom he provides in The Motivation Trap, Hittler helps leaders produce great results for their team members, themselves, and their organizations.


Get a signed hardcover copy right from John.