Human beings can and want to transform.

John Hittler

What We Believe

  • We believe that human beings can and want to transform and play at their best!
  • We believe that every organism is in the process of growing or in the process of dying. For humans, the choice to grow and thrive is just that—a very conscious choice.
  • We believe that every human being holds a Genius Talent™, and working from that talent creates a platform for achieving results, passion, fun, and income much easier than acquiring skills. The talent is innate. What is your Genius Talent?
  • We believe that transformation is the fastest, simplest, and most profitable way for individuals, teams, and organizations to implement ideas, systems, and programs….and scale!
  • We believe that transformation does not take long, especially using a coaching methodology. Get in. Transform. Get on with life. BTW, it’s also fun.
  • We believe in making the process of transformation safer and more attractive than staying put.
  • Evoking Genius believes in using a coaching methodology to create lasting behavior changes in individuals, teams, and organizations. We realize that the best ideas and plans need to move from theoretical to practical…and they need to be both measurable and sustainable to have real value.
  • We believe there is only one real rule in coaching: The only agenda is the client’s agenda! We move quickly, because we do not introduce “content based coaching” that has nothing to do with your agenda.
  • Are you ready to transform through coaching?
  • Transform. Grow. Thrive.