Are you still in charge?

Feeling burned out?

Not sleeping?

Does work feel like a grind?

It’s Time for (10x) Transformation.

Transformation Versus Goals

You’ve always been ambitious. You’ve always worked hard. You set goals every year. After a while, those goals no longer sustain your passion. What if the pursuit of the goal got you going every single day?

Guaranteed ROI

When you hire a new VP of Sales, or a PT Admin, you do so with the expectation of a return on your investment. You should do the same when hiring a coach. If the return on both your money and your time

What If Things Got Fun?

Remember when you used to have a blast, even when your were working your hardest? It’s called flow, being in the zone, or what we call Genius Talent®. Imagine finding that one genius level talent you possess,

If you could wave a magic wand, read a book, listen to a podcast, or go to a conference in order to change this, you would simply do that.

The real challenge is that the leader you started out as needs to evolve, grow, and scale faster than the team you are leading. Can you do that by yourself? The real question is this: If you could evolve faster than your team by yourself, wouldn’t you already have done that by now?

You have blind spots. You cannot figure everything out. You can grow only as quickly as you can transform, and your pace of transformation might be the damper on the company’s growth.

Can you risk that?

Chances are, no. As my wife says, my only blind spot is thinking I have none.